Here are links to some of my trusted and admired associates, friends and collaborators.

Oh—and some personal stuff, too.


cake icon  Delicious and spectacularly-designed custom cakes for any occasion or special event.

guitar_icon An enormously talented independent musician, producer and radio host.

calander icon The most entrepreneurial PR, advertising and special events firm in Connecticut.

lens icon A New Jersey-based news-and-events photojournalist of remarkable creativity.

lens icon Affordable web design & hosting in Northern New Jersey.

board icon A New York-based corporate photographer with a perceptive eye for originality.

new icon The most powerful little marketing communications firm in the New York tri-state region.

poster icon A publishing company as fun as the showbiz bios and retrospectives that it publishes.

monitor icon A bright and innovative design company specializing in engineering-based services, including websites.

monitor icon Remembering Karen Carpenter, on NPR.

monitor icon My nightmare ebook about relocating.

monitor icon My book about crazy Grandpa Benny.

monitor icon Upcoming documentary on the one and only Dr. Demento.

monitor icon My book on Jewish movies.

monitor icon An e-book called Pockets Full of Good Intentions.