Book Editing & Press Releases

All self-published authors need professional editing. Why? Because it is perfectly natural for them to see and feel their work so passionately from their own hearts and minds that it becomes easy to get blinded to the kinds of problems that many of their readers would recognize. In short, authors get too close to their work—too comfortable. That’s normal. Problems that can creep into even the most skilled literary projects include verbosity, mixed tenses, run-on sentences, misplaced modifiers, ideas that are familiar to the author but not necessarily to the reader, and more.

Although we’ve all learned how to write, often the intricacies of style, grammar, syntax, occasionally even spelling, sometimes can trip up self-published authors, especially those who have not yet completely devoted their lives to the craft of writing.

Professional editing is integral for self-published authors who do not have a publishing company—and its various editorial professionals—to back them up. The better the work, the better chance there is for success with reviews and sales, and for the author’s literary legacy.

I would be happy to edit your work, from an article to a short story, from a novella to a complete novel. As long as you’ve got a little time to spare, I can offer the kind of rates that self-published authors would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: Rates are based on the length of the work and a small sample of your pre-edited project. Contact me for details. What’s more, you don’t pay until after I email the edited document back to you. Why such attractive rates? One, because I know how tough it is out there, and two, because maybe you’ll recommend me to other authors, or use my services again for your next project or the publicity materials to go along with your current one.

Speaking of publicity materials, I would be happy to prepare a press release for your book that will help build interest for its intended audience. The process begins with an in-depth interview (usually via email), which I use to identify the most intriguing and marketable hook for your personalized press release. Rates are highly competitive. You’ve put a lot of heart and soul into your book; now show the world just how serious you are about your heartfelt, soulful creation with a professional press release. For an additional fee (equally competitive), I can also develop the appropriate distribution list for your book's press release (consumer and trade) and even email the release for you. Contact me for details.