Book Editing & Promotion


All authors need professional editing. That goes for professionals, novices, those with conventional publishers and those who self-publish. Why? Because it is perfectly natural for authors to see and feel their work so passionately from their own hearts and minds that they become clouded to the kinds of problems that readers would recognize. They get too close to their work—too comfortable. That’s normal. Problems that can creep into even the most skilled literary projects include verbosity, mixed tenses, run-on sentences, misplaced modifiers, passive sentences, ideas that are familiar to the author but not to the reader, and more.

I would be happy to edit your book (or short story, pamphlet, report, novella or screenplay). As long as you’ve got a few weeks to spare (editing assignments can sometimes be time-consuming), I can get your work into the best-possible shape for publication. You'd be hard-pressed to find more competitive rates. Don't believe me? Do a little research! (You're probably good at that anyway.) Rates are based on the length of your work and a four-page sample of your pre-edited project. Contact me for details. What’s more, you don’t pay until after I email the edited document back to you.

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All authors also need help with promotional services to get the word out and raise the interest level for their work. My services, from which you can select one or more, include:

  • A high-impact, personalized press release (or in some cases, more than one);
  • Creation of an appropriate press release e-distribution list (based on the topic of your book);
  • Press release e-distribution;
  • Website and blog copywriting;
  • Testimonial research & solicitation;
  • Media pitch research (also based on the topic);
  • Media pitches.

The promotional process (regardless of which service or services you choose) begins with an in-depth interview, via email or phone, which I use to get to know you and to identify the most intriguing and marketable hook for your book's promotion. Contact me for details.

You created your book with a lot of heart and soul. Now make sure it's well edited, and then show the world just how serious you are about your creation. That's what press releases, testimonials, interviews, personal appearances, and an effective web presence can do for you*.

*Services do not include website/blog creation or hosting, but do include design recommendations and copywriting.