Resume Writing

There are four ways you can go when looking for an updated, effective resume. One, you can do it yourself. Just be aware there are established guidelines and many tricks of the trade that separate old-style average resumes from modern successful ones. Two, you can ask a friend. Just know that what you'll probably save in money you'll lose in impact, because a friend who is not a professional writer will undoubtedly let a few errors in style, grammar or punctuation slip through. Three, you can hire a large national firm. Understand, though, that while their expertise will be top-notch, their fees will likely be top-drawer and their flexibility factor a little stiff. Four, you can use Joel the Writer LLC. My fees are highly competitive, I trained alongside one of the top professional resume writers in Connecticut, and the goal for each resume is to be as impactful as it is succinct, as engaging as it is serious, and as personable as it is professional. Plus, you don't pay until the resume is completed. Contact me for details.

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