JoeltheWriter \ jōl-the-′rī-tәr\ n. 1. Name given by Joel Samberg to his Connecticut-based freelance enterprise to convey the existence of a corporate entity, even though it is just one guy with a computer and 33 years of profession experience. 2. Created in 2003 by Mr. Samberg after 24 years in trade journalism, public relations, and internal and external marketing communications. 3. Known for prompt, effective work, and a proven ability to handle a wide variety of projects, including copywriting for websites, brochures, ads, newsletters, press releases, white papers, fact sheets, case studies, corporate capability papers, speeches, annual reports, advertorials, fliers, A/V scripts, blurbs and slogans, as well as bylined and ghostwritten magazine and newspaper articles. 4. Has a long list of satisfied clients, and an interesting bio.